We build custom web applications, e-commerce stores and outstanding user interfaces with best tech stack available based on your project requirements.

Web Applications Development

We develop and maintain robust and scalable web applications using Ruby on Rails framework (preferably) as it is best suited for business automation and logic (in our opinion). This is the exact reason why top start-ups and businesses use it for themselves.

E-commerce Storefronts

We design and manage beautiful E-commerce websites on Shopify and WordPress platforms. From beautiful listing of your products to efficient new channel for boosting your sales, we have it covered for you. Let’s get connected.

Data Analysis

We are proficient in developing Business Intelligence tools, time-series analysis, machine learning, etc. using Python and its libraries.

Algorithmic Trading

Get your trading rules and strategy developed into a profitable trading bot with backtests and other reports to support the base hypothesis.

Business Automation

We observe and understand your existing business process and automate it to reduce time and operating costs.

Data Scraping

Data is Digital Gold. We understand that, which is why we admire projects that seek to aggregate data from APIs or online sources.

Responsive Design

Mobile-first design approach for the Modern Web

Modular Code

Plug-and-play components for ease of switching later

Heavily Commented

For better understanding of things under the hood

Easy Customization

Several configuration options to suit your needs


Here are some examples of projects we worked upon



VGKids Inc.

VGKids Inc.

Continuous Digital

Continuous Digital

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